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Why This Site ?

I lost my elder brother to cancer 2 years ago (my father had the same cancer, years before that) Before he passed, my brother grew his own cannabis for decades cloning and mothering from the same plants since 1972, that had great genetics (more on that later), whilst sick he made his own RS oil with some advice from a local Dr. Jeffery Hergenrather in 2011 and experimented with different strains of cannabis looking for the best mix of CBD and THC  and his tumors froze, then later they were gone. The doctors said it was the oil or a miracle and said he was in remission.  Unfortunately, he should have kept taking the oil, but as the tumors were gone he quit taking the oil, (side effects were pretty tough on early RSO techniques) so they came back and he passed too quickly after that. However the 6 months he was given by his doctors turned out to be 3 years, an in the first 2 I got to see him healthy enough to walk many kilometers around the Northern California hills he and I loved so much. His courage inspires me to this day, I cannot un-see his view of cannabis and oil being more easily available to others in need. He shared his knowledge with many. I am not brave enough to suggest or do things illegally, so prefer to advocate, educate, and do as much as I can to move my new home (Australia) down the path that is growing so loudly around the world of legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes.  With my late brother having large grows his daughters carry on the same grows today.

Heroes – There are heroes every day in the cause, some are children taking oils that cure their epilepsy or their parents, caregivers, doctors, healers, and yes dealers, that risk law enforcement to help others. Even politicians and law enforcement do some great work for the cause. Law enforcement has a job to do but unfortunately for them (and thus us), it is getting more complicated as to what laws to enforce when. This is going to get more complicated as new laws are being written today and in the future. It is also hard to ignore the children and the videos, of them trying everything to cure the seizures to see many ‘cured’ or improving drastically in a very short time, and to see their lives back and their parents as a result those are the heroes.

What Can the Everyday Aussie Do? – Amazingly a lot and some of it is pretty easy. But first you need to understand one important thing. Currently there are aspects of Government that fund education, based on ‘fear not facts’ and simply with the mandate of how we cure the problem of cannabis.  When cannabis is legal they are actually out of a job, or so we should not be surprised if they are doing even an average job, that the amount of miss information, they produce is at times over whelming. Because their message is negative, it also works well with the mainstream media, let’s face it bad news on a problem is better news for the media than cannabis cured another person today. Remember as long as it is illegal then a stance supporting legalization by any news media is view by some as anti-government and delicate.

My Use-
As a victim of western medicine almost dying due to being treated for an over active thyroid, for years that turned out to be an under active thyroid, made me gain 30kg, cost me a lot. Then being obese, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol all followed along with arthritis. Once medicated correctly, and figuring out I was misdiagnosed I confronted my GP and Oncololgyst and most of the weight is gone (need to lose more) and I was left with the chronic pain from arthritis, turning out to be reactions to the statins I was taking. However playing combat sports for decades and a car accident in between made the diagnosis difficult for me to realize the arthritis was medicine related as well. I currently medicate use for pain, and arthritis. I am a licensed card holder from the USA for medical use, where I visit occasionally.


Top 5 Things Aussies Can Do to Help Get Cannabis Legalized for Medicinal Use

  • Make sure you are registered to vote – consider looking at parties that have policies on cannabis (currently only the HEMP party, and the Greens) offer any true manifesto on the subject but that is changing.
  • Be Aware– Consider being active on social media. Email, Facebook and Twitter are great tools
  • Be Proactive– seen a bad news story that is rubbish, tell the journo on Facebook, or Twitter (and copy me on twitter) @mr_internet. Seen any good news, a politician that crosses the aisle publically on the subject.
  • Help Educate- watch a video on the subject like this one – http://bit.ly/video-must-see-1 . If you believe it is an honest show then send it to other doubters. I could not un-see some of the good evidence shown in the TV show
  • Get Involved – Do a little or do a lot, there are groups on facebook, the hemp party is in every state, there are educational events frequently in most states, lack of voters is a big deal you can help get people to sign up to the hemp party (more on that).

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