Assignment USA – BACK 7 MAY

Coming in May

• Denver Cannabis Cup 20 April 2015 in Review

• New trends in Medication : California and Colorado

• Cannabis Might Be the Perfect Gateway Drug After All – Using weed to get over substance abuse and other  addictions

• I talk exclusively with Keith Stroup (founder of NORML)

• Legislation USA – Gaps in sentencing causing bottlenecks in costs across the USA

• 420 tourism – why doesn’t it work yet

• False Negative Cannabis Propoganda funded by the Governments of Australia and the USA

• Cool new weed  products and services

• Cannabis Concentrates- the world has changed forever

• California weed doctor speaks out- I like to keep it simple,  cannabis is all about balance and finding the exact medication that is right for you

• News on using cannabis with TCM  (traditional Chinese medicine) to cure and move away from western medicine .

• Reading the small print – Reports on Medication for high cholesterol alone causing arthritis, impotence,heartburn, diabities and more Cannabis can help

• Cheech and Chong- What would you ask them ?

See you in 2 weeks


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