Propaganda of The Week by Nial Wheate

NSW University Cannabis Propaganda of The Week – Nial Wheate (Agenda) – University of Sydney –  Federal Funding and the Pharmaceuticals Industry  –

Bad Statement 1 – Smoking or Eating Marijuana is not a Cure for CancerThe issue here is the intent of the statement. Cannabis needs to be heated, smoked or cooked for the THCa in marijuana to be converted to THC and CBD the crime fighting duo of cannabis sativa.  This including in the production of oil.

Bad Statement 2Marijuana is not effective as the damage caused ‘may’ negate any perceived health benefitsNo Facts are offered here only fear. See the word may, is used over and over again as there are no facts to back up this position. If the alternative to cannabis as offered is cancer or chemo therapy, it is not hard to imagine a researcher for Pharmaceuticals would prefer something other than the flower of a wild weed.

Bad Statement 3Marijuana is simply for cigarettes, cigars, brownies and cookies – (no discussion of the treatments that most are sung for cancer treatment RSO (or Rick Simpson Oil). RSO is the subject of papers now globally when discussing, treatment for epilepsy and cancer. This is includes in Australia as recently as March 2015, something omitted by Mr Wheate.

Bad Statement 4Marijuana may cause cancer – WOW. The use of the word ‘may’ is used throughout the document in absence of reference to facts. Other propaganda makers in Australia love this as well. There is ZERO evidence of this otherwise countries all over the world would not be offering it.

Bad Statement 5 – Even if Marijuana is Anti-Cancer Causing There are Problems – What ? So it has no purpose to the devil weed except for eating brownies and smoking cigars out of, and might cause cancer but then might not, if not then dosage is a challenge. Wow that is a well- covered position. This is why this sort of story is so aggravating, there is some truth here on dosage but it gets lost in all the crap.

Bad Statement 6- Cancer Drugs are only effective if injected so Marijuana is no good – Again a tiny bit of truth here lost in the propaganda. Marijuana is not best used for treating cancer and tumors if smoked (especially if you have lung cancer), this, is why no one does, cancer treatment is best done via oils (a subject ignored here again).

Bad Statement 7 – Marijuana is problematic in how and where it is grown. This statement is a bit random considering it is useless in all aspects. This statement is interesting in showing one of the biggest problems Pharmaceutical Companies have with marijuana, it is hard to control. So by offering perspectives on why a mere flower of a weed is not a good thing is part of the generic mission.

Bad Statement 8,9,10 – (Out of the NSW NDARC and NCPIC road show) Just because a product is natural or organic does not mean it is completely safeMarijuana use can only damage health, not improve it. Chemicals from marijuana may one day treat cancer – WOW another series of contradictions.


The Propaganda Hiding the Truth About Cannabis & Cancer


  • It is amazing how many assumingly educated people, groups and corporations are either ignorant of the simple truths on Cannabis or chose to exercise their own agendas. This is an issue unfolding in many places including the USA, that though further evolved than many, still has issues in their ranks as they move to legalize medical recreational or dual usage.
  • Australia is easier to attack on the facts as currently Cannabis is illegal in every form. Very few educators, or academia are brave enough to speak whole truths, and (for the moment) there is no source of truth that is confronting the liars and propaganda makers.
  • This will change eventually, and ‘Facts not Fear’ will eventually rein true. . This lies are done via one of a few basic media techniques often saved for large corporates.

General Lies, Propaganda & Techniques –

  1. Other Agendas– It is not hard to look at the perspectives of much of the propaganda to see where their agenda is.
  2. The only source of revenue Universities in Australia are often federally funded. Cannabis This means perspectives like prevention
  3. Use of ‘word-smithing’ and ‘media-spin tactics’ twist the facts, e.g. saying cannabis is of little use or medical treatment (especially in its ‘raw state’) – Depending on the spin, this is sort of actually correct, cannabis needs to be smoked, cooked or prepared to some extend to be medically active.
  4. Testing – The word-smiths use sayings like, ‘There is no testing for medical cannabis’. Depending on how you look at this, this is also true sort of, as of course cannabis federally in the USA and Australia is illegal and testing often comes via federal dollars. However, there is enough testing been done globally that the wheel does not need to be re-invented with further basic testing. Furthermore,  the Australian federal government can hide behind, further testing to delay action for at least 5 years. Something that is likely not to happen as there is too much momentum on other fronts.
  5. Truth – However, the absence of truth hinders the education process. Lying to those needing education many will see through the lies and only delays real education, and only enables distrust.
  6. People simply want the truth and if decisions need to be made they are done on, ‘Facts not Fear’.
  7. Spot the Propaganda – Look out for the lies, and confusion, others will try to offer the truth.
  8. Mission of Facts Not Fear – We will present the printed miss truths on a regular basis to help miss spell the miss information.

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