May 2015 HEMP Embassy Australia Headlines

16 May 2015
via Nimbin, NSW

Defective Detection

MardiGrass a success despite anger over drug testing

Police can’t determine which drugs caused positive tests

Interest in medical marijuana draws big MardiGrass crowd

Peace and happiness at MardiGrass, where everyone gets abong

MardiGrass 2015

Morgan Freeman calls for marijuana to be ‘legalised across the board’

Bill to reduce penalties for marijuana possession advances in Texas House

Regulate Rhode Island

Pot Use by Baby Boomers Is on the Rise

Mock Ad For New DEA Chief Shows What It Takes To Be A ‘Real’ Drug Warrior

Bid to legalize marijuana in Arizona has some advocates seeing red

Sanjay Gupta Says It’s Time For A Medical Marijuana ‘Revolution’

Puerto Rico governor signs order to legalize medical pot

Legalise cannabis supporters march in Paris, other French cities

Cannabis activist lights up in live TV interview on South Africa’s state broadcaster

World first: Launch of Quebec registry for users of medical cannabis

‘Extreme’ exposure to secondhand cannabis smoke causes mild intoxication

What You Should Know About Medical Marijuana for Pets

Keeping Legalized Marijuana Out of Hands of Kids

This Couple Is Raising $1 Million to Fund Medical-Grade MDMA and Mushrooms


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