re: Australia Research Says Cannabis Oil Might Cure Alzheimer’s (But What Was Tested)

One of These Things is Not Like the Other – or Is It

1 June
Dr Peter Stark

On ChaUntitlednnel 7 News it has reported researchers (Tim Karl etc. at Neuroscience Research)  have found they might be able to treat Alzheimer’s with medicinal cannabis. This is great new but not anything new.. perhaps.. we are waiting to see what type of CBD was used.

It has been found that CBD without all the other cannabinoids found in cannabis does not produce what is called the ‘entourage effect’. This is the benefit (or increased benefit) of using CBD when only part of the whole cannabis plant is used.

In Colorado USA, a CBD high strain of cannabis was produced decades ago (due to limted laws and availabity at the time) that was a forced hybrid of industrial hemp and traditional cannabis they called the strain Charlotte’s Web after the child it was produced for. The results were great for epilepsy in children and other conditions. However, quality control and natural genetics  saw the amount of THC reduce to zero and so has the  benefit to the users. Skip forward and new genetics has allowed a high CBD cannabis with a low THC level (not enough to get users high) but with no industrial hemp hybrid only a pure cannabis, working well and has been called Charlottes Web 2.0. It is able to produce the full entourage effect again but without the THC ‘high’

Unfortunately there have been many lawsuits filed under false claims of CBD only oils (industrial hemp seed oil) curing things that to date has only been applicable to the full cannabis CBD oil. The hemp industry (HIA) was even forced to send a press release (begrudgingly) to clarify its difference to cannabis oil only last year. Both are often called ‘hemp oil’ adding ot the confusion.

Australia has just legalised (re-scheduled) CBD / industrial hemp seed oil adding to the current confusion.

The video is here




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