USA : DEA Funding Cut Again Marijuana Enforcement to be Reduced

The War on Durgs in the USA is a lot poorer today

4 June 2015
Loren W



Busy 24 hours in the USA on Marijuana reform, and what happens in the USA is not bad for the rest of the world.

In a sweeping show of bi-partisan ship in the USA, the DEA has been stripped off $23m in funding used for activities such as Marijuana enforcement as part of the war on drugs, forcing the DEA to priorities their activity to more important things, like crime. The vote was 242-186 and is a continuation of a an amendment from last year that saw the vote only approved 219-189, showing a 10% growth in positive votes and continued growing support from outside of the democrats.

The stripped funds will be used for subjects such as solving the rape kit test backlog and helping child abuse victims and buying body cameras for police.

Tom Angell chairman of the Marijuana Majority (speaking to Whaxy News) said

“Almost anything would be a more effective use of taxpayer resources than paying DEA agents to arrest people for marijuana. Thanks to these amendments that succeeded in swiftly cutting $23 million from the drug agency in about 10 minutes of floor time, this money will be used for things that actually help people instead of being used to ruin people’s lives for no good reason.”

Hemp the industrial cousin of Marijuana, did not escape new bi-partisan support, seeing bills from the democrats to support national Hemp growers approved 282-146




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