Will 15 June Be The Biggest Day In Australia Medical Cannabis Reform

Next Step in Medicnal Cannabis Reform is days away.

4 June 2015

11242898_10152958111876359_1659728145_oLast November 2014, an Australian bi-partisan group introduced a bill, to introduce what many (well me..) are calling a Marijuana Czar for Australia (I want that job). It looks to bypass the TGA as it is per sponsor (and leader of the Greens and Victoria Senator, Richard Di Natali  said, “the TGA is not set up to regulate something natural like cannabis:. The bill has been read multiple times and a final report deferred til 15 June 2015.

Loren W said, There is likely to be a huge news cycle around this not just from their sponsors, pro medical cannabis watchers, and their supporters but from ‘big pharma’ (pharmaceutical industry), also.

The biggest financial threat caused by medicinal marijuana are those businesses that make money from those that do not use it. These include everything from pharmaceutical companies but also those that do research that would compete with cannabis research (if it was legal).

With cannabis medicine being used to treat dozens of ailments and backed up now by legitimate accepted testing research and laws but all outside of Australia.

The 5 minute video on the bill is here 

The bill itself is here



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