Misleading ? – The $37m Lambert Inititative – Sydney University

17 June 2015
Paul – Reporting


Update: Per Sydney University their top researchers on the Lambert Initiative work or have worked at  GW Pharmasuticals UK.  I have spoke again to the University querying why they are not sure of the ‘entourage effect’ that GW Pharmasuticals UK are the ones that wrote the industry paper on the entourage effect themselves.

It would mean their priortiy in the research spend, is something they  themselves and others have long proven to not work.

Unfortunately the Lamberts say they are looking to help people like their grand-daughter, but the research (per the university) has that as the lowest priorty.

The University has chosen not to comment.



  1. Unfortunately this money may have been better spent on an advertising campaign to fully legalise the whole plant.Without the legal access for everyone we will only ever see corporate interests taking control of our GOD given herb and holding us to ransom whilst anyone trying to do so as an individual will be affronted by unjust laws.CANNABIS CURES CANCER!CANNABIS HALTS THE PROGRESSION OF NUMEROUS CONDITIONS!DO YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE IF SO VOTE TO LEGALIZE!


    1. thanks for commenting. I have sent a direct letter to the Lamberts for comment. If I am wrong (that the Lamberts knew all this) I will do a retraction.


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