this week in weed 31 october 2015

Melbourne Australia
31 October 2015

This week we get a visit form the weed-czar for Halloween, discuss the recently announced trials for medical Cannabis that include no Cannabis, and the Government gives the green light to conisder grows perhaps as early as 2018 and 5-7 years of trials to follow. This week on twiw is next



As discussed in the video,  links to the fact

Lambert Inittiative – trained GW UK researchers – (sponsors of the fake Cannabis trials) explain why real Cannabis is evil .. you can scroll to 24:00 on.. why spending $33.7m on a medical Cannabis trial that includes no Cannabis is good for their business. And how raw Cannabis is a bad as Thilamide birth defects frm the 1950’s. –

Sussan Ley MP – eplaining there may be a Cananbis Grow in 2017, no smoking of Cannabis for the trials, etc

NSW Premier Mike Baird – Announcing trials of medicla Cannabis that include no Medical Cannabis –


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