New Labor Australia ICE Bill Hides 10 Year Prison For Medical Cannabis Websites, Books. etc.

Update: 30 Jan 2016 –
Now that the holiday festivities are behind us as well Australia Day, it is time the Senate gets back to work, Federally and State side and it will be a busy few weeks on the Cannabis side of things.

Just a reminder, to date Labor has not mentioned that this Bill introduces 10 years in prison, for owning, sharing or publishing a book or website or downloading information about Medical Cannabis and hundreds of other drugs. The LIV (Law Institute Victoria), and Senators, and MPS are now aware of this yet it has not been discussed or debated due to the hidden nature of these issues below. I question the trust worthiness of Bill Shorten, as to why this has not been addressed or mentioned by him or Premier Daniel Andrews. Until then their trust-worthiness to lead,  has to be questioned as well as their honesty and integrity.

Update: 7 December 2015 –

This is the week that Labor in Victoria will try with the Liberal support to sneak through some pretty serious Law changes with Liberal support. (The state Government in Victoria is Labor, and Liberals are the opposition)

Meanwhile, Primie Minister Turnbull has announced $600m to address ICE and “Emerging Drugs of Concern” Currently there are no definitions disocvered in “emerging drugs of concern”. Based onthe Victoria Bill, it is fair to think there will be Federal ‘tells’ towards real plans to address all Cannabis users including Medical as well. To say there are mixed messages by all parties is a great concern. Promises of a Federal bill by December 2015, was delayed last week by Sussan Ley MP, and when asked about it, she said that was her plans were on track. This means she miss informed the public when she made the announced for a Bill in 2015.

Currently with Labor siding with the Government on all similar issues the only avenue are the independents (like ASP in Victoria) and the Greens, though they also have been less ‘active’ on this publicly as would be preferred by Law Reformers.


Update: 4 December 2016 –

In a nutshell the Bill is being put through to pass next week (7 Dec-11Dec) it the alst session before the Vic Holidays. As it is a Labor bill with Libs support, and has yet to even be discussed with the public or the normal legal channels, it is clear the authorso f this bill want it to pass with out debate.

So far even the greens have refused to address this.

Well better news, other folks are taking action now and looking at the details behind the scenes. The Bill has passed in the Victoria Legislative Assembly, and due to be debated for passing next week per above in the Legislative Council in Victoria – But expected to go Federal quickly after passing, and some say the reason the Federals, (Sussan Ley) delayed her eixisitng Bill  so it could be included.

Overview: This means if this passes next week, as expected in Victoria Legislative Council, it would be punishable by up to 10 years’ prison, for publishing, sharing any ‘document’ on Cannabis ‘cultivation’. Unfortunately, these references to the other drugs were added and purposeful, not accidental, but were well hidden.

Other Issues: To make this a bit more concerning is that these aspects have not been addressed, only lightly skimmed over, not offered to the media, and not well communicated at all. Communication aside, you have to connect the dots, to understand the impact.

  • This increases or introduces large penalties for aspects of cultivation, manufacturing, trafficking or sharing ‘documents’ with up to 25 years in prison. However, also included in the ICE bill are references to other drugs including Medical Cannabis (and hundreds of others).
  • The Labor Victorian Government (authored by Wade Noonan MP) supported by both Labor and Liberals has updated the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment Bill 2015 with new laws that they have stated are to do with the ongoing ICE epidemic.
  • Even words like ‘document’, ‘drugs of dependence’ and ‘cultivation’, in the Bill, all require a individual hunt to eventually find what is in the Bill.
  • The “drugs of dependence”, are actually defined as being an obscure list of ‘schedule 11 drugs’ that includes hundreds of other drugs other than ICE.
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent – Is also part of this document adding even more room for concern.

What Happens if it Passes Next Week: With the notification by Sussan Ley MP, this week that a new Federal Bill on other aspects of Medical Cannabis has been delayed until the next Senate session in early January 2016, and with the last state only recommendations going Federal in a matter of days, and with Ley, saying this week she wants Federal not state only Bills, it is very possible these Victoria laws could be Federal in the early new year.

Keep fighting respectfully – PLC ❤




Update; 30 November – Thanks for having a peek. Simple, in the new Ice Bill, for some reason it has included all SCH.11 drugs (including Cannabis) not just ICE. Easy to fix if caught, easy to impose if ignored. Never heard of Sch 11 (me either). Links are all below, and simple to fact check back to the source.

Contact List Thus far,
Bill Shorten, Fiona Patton, Daniel Andrews, Richard Di Natale (multiple times), Wade Noonan (author of the bill), all media outlets.

Only Fiona responds..


May soon be, 10 years in prison for “High Times Magazine” –
“Scary hidden amendments, by Labor may get Libs approval and might actually pass. – Victoria Senator 

Melbourne Australia
14 November 14, 2015
loren W.

The War on Drugs is sometimes just  ‘cray cray- stuff.  

This weekNov 7 2015 – Nov 14 2015  

Where the Labor government in Victoria has introduced 7 new drug laws / amendments being sold as being 100% focused on addressing ICE Addiction. Law Reform folks, were paranoid, that new laws on ICE could be used for other things, “using a wide brush” as it were against Law Reform. This has indeed happened.

Not just hidden but also ignored in sound bites these laws are very draconian and speaking to sources the Liberals are likely to go along, and this could be Federal very quickly as we saw just a few weeks ago when the VLRC in Victoria made suggestions on State Medical Cannabis in Victoria, that was adopted weeks later by Sussan Ley MP (per below Ongoing Law Reform Issues)

Specifics in the Bill: In Sections 71e and 71f it addresses anyone owning or buying a document (website, book, magazine) about ANY schedule 11 drugs (Cannabis is item 1 in part 2 of SCH 11 drugs). The penalties introduced are 5 years for owning, and 10 years for publishing, displaying, or sharing. Does this mean if the government says they are doing a Medical Cannabis trial and someone tweets, “How is a medical cannabis trial with no Cannabis actually a Cannabis trial, would that website, tweet, or article be punishable by up to 10 years in prison?

  • The Bill Explanation – – (note the explanation that the Bill includes all schedule 11 drugs not just ICE)
  • The Bill –  (see 71e and 71f)  Cannabis is included – (page 243 of the bill)
  • Daniel Andrews on ICE (includes Cannabis) on radio
  • Folks should tweet (preferably) or email the media and others per usual if they want their views heard.
  • The bill was written for Wade Noonan MP, and has been endorsed by the Hon. Premier Daniel Andrews MP
  • What is sch.11
  • What is a document  per this document

Selling Cannabis Law Reform Away with ICE Addiction



  1. I find this bill to be not only going backwards, but contradictory to any properly educated persons’ intelligence! We live in Australia, NOT, but we don’t have our heads hurried in the sand!! See you all in goal!


  2. What dimwits. We MUST end the sheer stupidity of The War Against Drugs IMMEDIATELY. We MUST NOT pander to scabbing Cops who are behind garbage such as this Proposed law.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been a regular pot smoker for 30 years. It’s been a better alternative than popping a Valium. Alcohol has been the leading cause of trouble for me and everyone I’ve ever met. Until recently being a smoker hasn’t had me in trouble with the law that is until I was disqualified from driving because I tested positive to having THC in my system. Not DUI just it was in my system. Also recently I was given a cone of what I assumed was pot turned out to be synthetic weed.
    Now I grew up trying at least once most drugs except heroin and I have never in my life experienced such an horrific scary hullucinigenic episode. Why wouldn’t they legalize marijuana when the alternatives are to buy that absolute poison?


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