New Access Medical Cannabis Bill 2015 – Needs Comments !!

16 December 2015
Loren W


Hey Folks,

Have your voice heard – Like I am sure, many others I have been asked to consult on the new bill by the opposition. I am taking input into my own submission, with a mid – January closing date. If you have not been asked already and are not consulting already and want your voice heard let me know or that of anyone in your groups. I know folks are busy or if not interested that is fine. We heard from a lot of folks after the VLRC in Vic that they did not get a chance to input so spread the news if you like.

Timeline Overview: 
In early 2015 the VLRC (Victoria Law Reform Commission) conducted some public consultations on behalf of the Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews (Labor), this was then followed up by a paper on medical cannabis, and more public consultations. In October 2015, this resulted in a report being tabled in the State Parliament, and the premier promised a bill by end of 2015.

Days later the Federal Government mirroring many of the top level views of the VLRC (per video above) also promised a Federal Bill also by close of 2015. Theirs/ (Feds) Bill did not take place, and the State delivered theirs’  on the last sitting day of state parliament a week after the Federal parliament had shut down. This was not an accident as Sussan Ley MP has said she does not want states having different laws to the feds. This makes sense but it also does not look good politically if the State Parliaments (labor) out do the Libs / Feds.

So in this case the opposition to the State bill are the Libs, and they are looking for consultation on the bill, and I am offering folks to have an opinion on to my response as well of they are interested in having a say.

What to do ?
The Bill is here and explanation of the new Bill is as well  (link fixed) 🙂


If of interest give me your feedback on the bill. I will submit based on this, and you can choose to be anonymous if you prefer. If choosing to NOT be anonymous, I will circulate my final submission in mid Jan, in case you choose to be anonymous as a result of my final submission  (not all views can be respected of course). I intend to list all contributors (unless preferred not to be in the final cut.

Reminder: Again my submission is for the opposition (Libs) so against Labor and against the greatly flawed Bill in Vic.


Facebook – 420- Vic Cannabis Law Reform




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