Death by Non-Cannabis Blamed on Cannabis

18 January
Melbourne Australia

The medicine involved is a so-called FAAH inhibitor that works by targeting the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is also responsible for the human response to many drugs such as paracetamol.

500 posion

Drugs such as paracetamol the worlds most common household medicine targets the human ECS (called the human endocannbinoid system or endogenous cannabinoid system) much ignored by the media, but poisons a person requiring hospitalization in Australia 150 times a week.

However, the world’s anti Cannabis brigade, (with a strong following by the Australia Government) and sloppy media are missing something in their souls of lies and deceit. Proof once and for all Cannabis kills, either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately it will never happen. This person killed this person and they were using Cannabis is the headline we have seen recently. “Yes but they were using PCP, alcohol, heroin, had a history of mental disorder, that likely Cannabis was the thing stopping them from snapping earlier”. That part was not reported.

inbi times

In 1968 when THC (a cannabinoid in Cannabis) was discovered, another thing was discovered at the same time, if you took all the elements / compounds in a natural plant like Cannabis, and used some not all of them.. unintended consequences happened. This lead to the discovery of the entourage effect, saying just that. Also it was discovered humans in our very DNA have receptors in our bodies making up the ECS (called the human endocannbinoid system or endogenous cannabinoid system)

A lot of money is being spent on research on drugs that target the human ECS, big pharma realizing Cannabis is a political issue, and hard to patent, they are focusing on other compounds that only have one thing in common, they work on the human ECS system. Even the team that discovered THC in 1968 and the ECS itself in 2011, are now focusing 100% on non cannabis foods that focus 100% on the ECS.

Note: if anyone sees media reporting poorly on this story where  a non-relationship of  Cannabis is being highlighted as something to do with the French trials, please let me know here or on Facebook. I will let the 180,000 twitter followers decide if it is important 🙂



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