Why I am voting ABLC and ABG – Anything but Liberal Coalition & Anything But Greens.

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Why I am voting ABL and ABG – Anything but Liberal and Anything But Greens. 

  1. ABL – The current government in Australia is not looking out for the people and needs a change- The NCPIC, continues to risk and injure the health of children with misinformation and government sponsored often over the top propaganda. The civilized world continues to treat and educate the use of Cannabis like alcohol. Fact based, evidence based, culturally aware and sensitive.  To continue a reefer madness type media campaign turns children and educated parents off the subject, resulting in a lack of true understanding and true prevention. Recently government sponsored research showed a huge Cancer risk and even “DNA evidence” that using Cannabis can negatively impact future generations via defective causing DNA. This was then debunked by a more senior global and Australia consultant and researcher, yet the government still reports the story as fact. The government (per the videos on line) also sponsor over $60m in medicinal Cannabis that include no Cannabis.  The pharmaceutical industry are deeply embedded in Australia and the Government has done nothing to slow that direction only increase it.
  2. ABG – The Australian Greens have also let down Australia especially when it comes to Cannabis law reform for the sick that need the medicine. – They sponsored the Regulator Cannabis Bill 2014/2015 and then discussed the next step in law reform was Portugal, an extreme measure that sees all drugs legalised.  Then nothing no legislature or discussions progressing the Portugal position, and then the bill dies as well without a mention as to what is next. To make it worse via the Greens, the supported every Cannabis  bill in Australia in 2015 and 2016, though they all changed the definition of the word Cannabis to include, pharmaceuticals and even Synthetics that do not come from a plant at all. I am not even saying pharmaceuticals might not have their place, but not at the expense of full spectrum Cannabis. The products the government have legislated are all new (unlike Cannabis) and have globally seen serious SAEs, (serious adverse effects) in trials. and even 2 deaths whilst Cannabis has seen no fatalities and only minimal SAEs, minuscule by comparison.  The coup de grâce for me is the deliberate shell game the Greens played by declaring Cannabis for medicinal use as useful, beneficial, and good for so many then agreeing to the legislature that legalised Medicinal  Cannabis and changed the definition as it is now with Medicinal Cannabis products that include no Cannabis.  Crazy even typing it. This has been flagged multiple times to the Greens and a key reason there are so many new independents this year, largely due to this inaction. Cannabis Law Reform now refers to the greens as coulda, woulda, shoulda.

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