Happy 80th Birthday Cannabis Prohibition

Celebration Begins –  ABC Retracts Claims by Australian Medical Association (AMA) that Cannabis Kills

Loren W


  • With 90% of the over the counter (OTC), and prescribed drugs being for pain relief, and the same for those using legal medical Cannabis outside Australia it is no surprise that the ability for patients to “grow and self-administer” their own medication has well, almost everyone worried, except patients who seem to not be considered in all of this.
  • Nothing new, the prohibition and resulting prejudice against Cannabis is entering its 81st year by most accounts.
  • Last week an AMA representative declared Cannabis/Marijuana oil was not safe and kills.
  • The ABC reported and stood by these claims, but due to pressure by various pro-truth groups, and complaints to the ombudsman, was forced to retract these statements.
  • See their retraction is here http://bit.ly/ABC-oops
  • No Comments or reaction yet from the AMA, Australian Government, or NCPIC the propaganda wing of the Department of Health that also continue to perpetuate the story.



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