Australian Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA)

24 October 2016
Melbourne,  Australia

What happens when the largest Australian Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) decides to go from only allowing those products and services that support Cannabis law reform, to then allowing Pharma, CBD, GMO, and Synthetic Cannabis products to be advertised, and / or sold on their own site? – Folks leave if not banned for asking why? Note: the MCUA was given over 24 hours to comment on this. As I keep getting told by those in the MCUA afraid to ask questions know, just need to know WTF is going on

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Change in Ideology by MCUA, sees us [twiw] and our supporters leaving Australia’s largest medical cannabis user association.

Melbourne, Australia 21 October 2016

In a further “clarification” from the MCUA, it is unfortunate in what we [twiw] believe is a MAJOR change in ideology and principles at the “MCUA” that we are forced to remove our support”, Loren from twiw has said.

An MCUA spokesperson said today, – “Our group [the MCUA] and pages etc are an open forum for discussion on all things hemp and cannabis. This does not translate to mean that we support anything that we post”.

Loren (and twiw) that claim over 180,000 followers on social media in many countries said, “This change in [MCUA] ideology in our opinion is sloppy and dangerous, in an environment that has seen, in the last few months, new bills, laws, acts, penalties, and fines all against full spectrum Cannabis, users, growers, caregivers, and all supporting pharmaceuticals 100%. Refusing to “oppose” anything that continues to support this out of date, prohibition and prejudice is counter to progress and law reform, as it also greatly ignores patients’ rights, which is wrong. The MCUA believes they should offer education as we do, but is now happy to offer and support (just by posting stories without comment) many opposing and in our mind dangerous views against the community we support. I have never viewed, the MCUA or facebook groups as a democracy, so sharing of common thoughts, and ideologies, on helping to educate and fight for law reform means also educating against those”. Australia recently re-defined Cannabis from a “plant”, to a suite of products including synthetics, none including THC and all including CBD only. Recent numbers show 90% of the world’s legal use of medical cannabis is for pain medication, something CBD barely addresses and something the government and MCUA ignores as well. Recently QLD introduced a bill on medical cannabis, adding synthetics to the definition of the once plant only word “Cannabis”. A government representative said, “Do not confuse the potency of hemp, plants or anything with its intended use, “Medical Cannabis” can be anything if used as such”.



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