Thailand Legalizes Cannabis for Medical Use. REAL Cannabis or Did They Pull an Australian ?

Story via Reuters from


Thailand legalised “medical Cannabis” today – but mystery surrounds exactly what products as REAL Cannabis remains schedule 1 and the partner in the trial only does hemp & CBD not Real Cannabis (see below)

“Among a handful of foreign companies that are looking to enter the Thai market are British giant GW Pharmaceuticals Other company in Thailand have their own patented products”

The Thai government is trying to stop / waive GW Pharma UK from entering Thailand, as they fear they can control the market, products and pricing, but being told they are in breach of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) if they did so.

Kannikar Kijtiwatchakul, vice president of FTA Watch, dismissed the department’s claim that cannabis patent applications could not be waived because it had to follow the World Trade Organisation and Patent Cooperation Treaty. Actually, she said, these treaties do not require Thailand to protect intellectual property on natural extracts from plants or animals to such a high extent. Therefore, she said, the department’s explanation was unreasonable.


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