Israel Approves – Export of Pharma “Medical Cannabis” – REAL Cannabis or Just Another Australia ?

27 December 2018
Melbourne Australia –

Israel Approves - Export of Pharma "Medical Cannabis" -  REAL Cannabis or Just Another Australia?

Israel grows over 200 strains of Cannabis low Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, with all profiles
1) Low THC/high CBD,
2) High THC /low CBD
3) Low thc/low CBD

Currently Australia doesn’t allow importation of REAL Cannabis (THC over 1%) as verified by other suppliers and the government.

The news will be welcome in Australia where many Australian politicians are invested in Israel’s anti-Cannabis products such as CBD Hemp, CBD synthetics by companies like MGC Israel –

Israel has been at the forefront of Hemp & Cannabis research since the 1960’s even discovering THC in joint work with the USA (DOH !) Department of Health via Raphael Mechoulam Ph.D Hebrew University –

He and his team continues to look at cannabinoids, synthetic, plant and brain derived. His team also in his words, “Have also developed novel cannabinoids and anandamide-like compounds which are being developed as drugs by pharma companies”.   
Israel 1

The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has finally athat will allow the export of medical cannabis, enabling Israel to become actively involved in the industry globally.

The law still requires approval from the country’s cabinet ministers and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

Israel 2


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