Loren W
Melbourne Australia
12 Jan 20193A

The Australian TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration has a register of products (ARTG) – Products are either on or off the ARTG –

Legal TGA / ODC Cannabis – “Corporate Cannabis / CBD / Hemp sourced CBD API” – (isolated cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredients)

Most (Like real Cannabis) are NOT on the ARTG –


This simply means it is not tested in Australia but “assumes / ensures” it is tested by the source company / country to they company / country standard.

REAL Cannabis (THC over 10%) is tested in Canada for instance to some extent, but 90% of LEGAL Corporate Cannabis / API / CBD in Australia is not REAL Cannabis and also it is non-ARTG API –

Unfortunately this legal Corp Cannabis / API products are NOT tested like REAL Cannabis either. One company that has a big presence in Australia when asked if their product is tested said, “We have been in business for 10 years and have had no problems “

This is one reason why the Real Cannabis black market continues to thrive.
The 1st person to get sick or die using ARTG Pharma Cannabis will be an interesting case in Australia

Naturally Aussie grown and made CBD should be less an issue.
Hemp and CBD are NOT the issue as much as what they are and what they are called. “Corporate Cannabis” in Australia is not REAL Cannabis by international standards, Australia has their own definition of what Cannabis is.

More here – https://www.tga.gov.au/access-medicinal-cannabis-products-1


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