Your DNA Can Reveal Your Perfect Cannabis Strain

Strain Genie lets you customize your cannabis high

Say goodbye to negative side effects. Say hello to the perfect strain for you, according to genetics.

Photo courtesy of Strain Genie

Imagine this: every time you ordered a pizza, instead of choosing your toppings, they were selected randomly by the pizzeria. Even worse, imagine these mystery toppings were stuffed underneath the cheese so that you didn’t know whether you were eating anchovies or onions until it was already in your mouth. Are you lactose intolerant? Vegetarian? Eat gluten-free? Too bad.

For too long, this has been the cannabis enthusiast’s experience: you choose from any number of random strain names (“I’ll try Alaskan Thunder Fuck, please.”) and pray that it doesn’t give you crippling paranoia or social anxiety. Your life is one of everlasting pursuit, where—forced to make due with the cannabis industry’s double-standards, lack of regulation and research restrictions—every trip to the dispensary becomes a big game of trial and error. As an era of prohibition slowly comes to an end in the United States and Canada, cannabis consumers are looking for a way to personalize their experience.

straingenie3 How to use cannabis to treat the inflammation and pain of arthritis
Photo courtesy of Strain Genie

This is where Strain Genie steps in—because nobody should have to play the guessing game when it comes to their medical or even recreational marijuana.

Strain Genie lets you personalize your cannabis experience by leveraging peer-reviewed research on cannabis and genetics. Some of their recommendations show specific THC: CBD ratios and Terpene information to find you the perfect strain for any occasion.

Strain Genie is a new service from WoahStork, an online cannabis marketplace based in California, but also available in Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada. WoahStork partners with dispensaries and offers up their products into one aggregated marketplace. To recommend specific products to suit your tastes, WoahStork uses an online questionnaire. Now their new service, Strain Genie, takes it a step farther. Strain Genie works as a cutting-edge online resource for cannabis enthusiasts coast to coast. With Stain Genie, you’re able to determine the perfect marijuana strains and products for you, and WoahStork allows them to be delivered right to your doorstep.

StrainGenie2 How to use cannabis to treat the inflammation and pain of arthritis
Photo courtesy of Strain Genie via Youtube

To find the cannabis strains and products that work best for you, Strain Genie tests your DNA, analyzing over 120 bio-markers to find out if you’re predisposed to certain diseases or conditions. They do this using data from 23andMe and so you never have to be tested again. This data not only allows Strain Genie to find the perfect medical strain for you but also allows you to virtually eliminate the potential for negative side effects and maximize your recreational experience. This allows you to ensure you’re getting the high you want, without any of the unnecessary paranoia or anxiety.

Strain Genie analyzes your DNA, finding the cannabis products that perfectly fits with your unique genome. Strain Genie was founded by David Chester, a Physics Ph.D. student at UCLA, and Nicco Reggente and Amy Zheng, Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D.’s at UCLA.

“Everybody’s kind of had a negative experience with cannabis or picked the wrong strain for the wrong occasion.” Says Reggente to Inverse. “We’re really trying to recognize the fact that everybody is different.” Recognizing that choosing the perfect strain has as much to do with the weed as it does your personal genetic makeup, Reggente created Strain Genie to take all of the guesswork out of using cannabis.

Those with a particular type of genes (or “allele variants”), for example, will not react well to edibles. As Strain Genie finds, “Individuals with this allele variant have been shown to have a liver enzyme metabolism that affects the ability for THC to break down properly in edibles.” Therefore, if you have these type of genes, it’s recommended that you avoid edibles altogether as they won’t react well with your system. And if Strain Genie finds that you have an increased risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s, for example, it will pair you with cannabis strains that improve memory, boost your energy levels and induce creativity.

Instead of playing Russian roulette with your cannabis, now you can find the products that allow you to get the most out of each experience. And for only $30, taking this analysis costs less than the paranoia-inducing eighth of weed you would have purchased without Strain Genie’s guidance.

Each cannabis strain is unique, just like you. With Strain Genie, you can leave the paranoia behind and focus on using the cannabis strains and products that leave you feeling confident, social and fearless. It’s time to bring out your best self.


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