Loren W
18 May 2019
Melbourne Australia


Good evening warriors ❤ 😦
As feared the push to independents like one nation and clive palmer preference voting in QLD to LNP killed ALP, I think is how it is playing out .

NOW WHAT ? – for Cannabis reform – Luckily nothing changes IMHO, Could have been better with a Labor win.

Labor ACT Inquiry report is 6 June – Labor / Greens have a majority in ACT (14-11) so will be interesting to see how it plays out as Libs want to kill the bill with a minority vote. Greens are united in ACT –

Labor NSW – has a bill that can likely pass in the Upper House (MLC) – it then likely fails in the lower house so creates the situation of forcing a compromise – debate specific to Article 57 of the constitution.

There will be a campaign to contact all cross-benchers of the upper house NSW (MLC) to support legalising Cannabis in the NSW Labor Cannabis bill 2019 – The upper house in NSW is now –

17 LNP
14 Labor
3 Greens
2 One Nation
2 Animal Justice
2 Shooters
1 Independent
1 Christian Democrats

I will get a heads up before the bill goes live again I expect and will share it here.

Just the beginning – see you on 6 June ❤


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