Australia begins to flood market with anti-Cannabis CBD – Cannabidiol

NEWS – Hello warriors ❤ – as predicted for some time, and in the shadow of the night. Anti-Cannabis CBD industry begins to flood Australia. –

Well good news for those that wanted OTC (over the counter) cheaper CBD / Cannabidiol. All I will say is I believe CBD is a good accessory to real strong Cannabis but has ZERO other purpose. CBD is of course 1 of over 400 parts to Cannabis including over 120 cannabinoids. CBD is an “antagonist” to real Cannabis (like a ying to the yang) & there is a strong relationship and balance.

So what is CBD or THC like when not in Cannabis ? – Not the same as when it is in it that is for sure 🙂 – Has anyone died from CBD – Yep and why I am against it. I and many others have spoken on this and the research is public so happy to share it just PM me.I support that by recalling the $1m offered for ANY peer reviewed research that shows CBD is better than anything than REAL Cannabis (perhaps other than certain breast cancers). I never saw anyone win that $1m though likely rhetorical anyhow.

Listen for the news as they pretend CBD is Cannabis and the government pushes the we legalised Cannabis story again. Also stories talking about the CBD black market – another side effect of the government legalisng “cannabis” in 2016, but preventing real Cannabis or CBD form hitting the market for some time.

This means the Government created the CBD black market, and has only strengthened the REAL Cannabis black market via their ignorance. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, to be available over the counter in pharmacies |

CBD vs Cannabis
Well the saying goes “flour is not cake”, and “a steering wheel is not a car”, and “CBD is not Cannabis”


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