Australia Begins to Flood Market with GMO Hemp CBD Oil – Calling it Cannabis

Melbourne Australia 1 Feb 2021
Loren W.


From 1 Feb 2021 the Australian Government begins to allow the flooding of the anti-Cannabis law reform funded  CBD / Cannabidiol from GMO Hemp pharma to begin to flood Australia, many are asking the same questions.  Why and what about REAL Cannabis ?

  1. What is the difference between CBD and Cannabis?

    Cannabis a lovely complicated natural plant. Made of over 400 known parts including over 120 of what are called Cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes (not exclusive to Cannabis the latter two, giving thousands of different strains and cultivars, each it’s unique smell and flavor) THC and CBD are the most dominant of the cannabinoids with THC being more so, as defined by the WHO and United Nations as typically Cannabis being over 10% THC and low CBD, anything low in THC and high in CBD is hemp. Many botanists believe that hemp and Cannabis are so different that it was a mistake to align them via the same genus Cannabis Sativa. – The saying goes CBD is NOT Cannabis, as flour is not a cake, and as a steering wheel is not a car. It is what it is 1/400th of a part of Cannabis nothing more.

    FACTCHECK: – This was further proven in research looking at the genome of Cannabis vs hemp and discovered the difference and proves medically why hemp and Cannabis (marijuana) are different medically and genetically, due to the work of Dr. Page in 2014 –

  2. Why is the media not reporting the facts but misinformation on Medical Cannabis in Australia?

    How long is a piece of string? – The media in Australia is 70-80% Murdoch controlled – the other 20-30% is impacted by it. The media asks Government, and the Government is anti-Cannabis and has an exact 2 part agenda.

    A) Legalise Cannabis in 2016 to quell the natives.
    B) Support the interest of the pharmaceutical industry as there is ZERO Cannabis industry.

    With Australia government being anti-Cannabis their bed fellows are the black market, the pharmaceutical industry, and Murdoch media, then it is not surprising that the information given has been obstacles to being reported truthfully.

FACTCHECK: The Murdoch angle is the same as others making money. So they are invested in the anti-Cannabis pharmaceutical Cannabis industry – as announced publicly in 2016 here:  that is supporting research into product made from parts of Cannabis again hindering REAL Cannabis for medical use and law reform to help patients get affordable access. AusCann hope for instance to make a fortune with a pill from 2 cannabinoids CBD and THC ignoring one of the fundamentals of Cannabis for medical use the entourage effect, that says Cannabis is not as good broken down as it is together as discovered in the 1960’s by the Department of Health in the USA.

3. How is there no Cannabis industry or lobby in Australia if it has been legal since 2016.

It might surprise people that the largest suppliers of “medical Cannabis’ in the world don’t supply real Cannabis they provide CBD mostly from GMO hemp. CBD has become a global commodity as it is much more profitable than REAL Cannabis, longer shelf life.  

4. Why is there a CBD black market in Australia and how did the Australia Government start it ?

The Australian government in 2016 legalised “Medical Cannabis” prior to this in 2014 open discussions took place and it was clear the mandate was how to legalise Cannabis for medical use but make REAL Cannabis (marijuana) as close as impossible to get as possible. To do this Australia started a medical Cannabis industry with one HUGE problem there was no product. This created a CBD black market (90% scams) that had nothing to do with the REAL Cannabis black market. Since 2014 the real Cannabis industry and even the USA FDA has sent letters to CBD companies threatening legal action if they did not stop confusing the public over CBD vs REAL Cannabis. This caused 2 things – the CBD industry aligned against REAL Cannabis and the CBD industry mainly joined the pharmaceutical industry.

5. Why does the Medical Cannabis CBD industry fund anti-Cannabis law reform globally including in Australia ? –

In Australia this was no different, in 2017 the hemp industry in Australia actually launched a class action law suit against the Australia government. (EVE HEMP vs Australia 2017 ). I was asked to consult on the case because a year earlier working with Government I got amendment in the 2016 Cannabis access bill that addressed the new odd definitions being used . This was over Government redefining the use of the word “Cannabis” and “medical Cannabis” –  In the new 2016 laws hemp with over 2% THC (REAL Cannabis has >10%) had to be redefined as “Medical Cannabis” and meet huge new criteria standards and $2m of up front capital for bonds, security etc. – This meant a small legal licensed soap maker using oil from hemp (high in omega 3-6-9) in soap or skin cream and had over 2% THC by accident – was forced out of business.  This forced the Australia hemp growers to make a choice, side with Cannabis (where there is no lobby or legal industry) or join pharma and say CBD and hemp is not Cannabis, cannabis is bad, CBD and hemp good. The class action sided hemp and CBD with pharma ignoring the last few years globally where the same thing played out. The Australia hemp industry not only lost but their lawyer effectively jumped sides and sided with government once the hemp industry money ran out of course. Those in the hemp industry that said this was a chance for CBD, hemp, and Cannabis all to work together (it helped in the USA and Canada for a time) those people were threatened, and some were even SWATTED (swatted – police called, told “People with big guns are growing illegal nasty weed” Police shows up ready for a gun fight to a still legal licensed hemp grower. Outside of Australia – the common enemy of Cannabis besides the reefer madness folks, the pharma industry is also the opium industry specifically, is their own enemy the synthetic opium industry Fentanyl and Subsys – that started the opioid epidemic globally, spending $500k on anti-Cannabis law reform before introducing their own synthetic medical cannabis product to profit.

6. Why do patients turn to the Cannabis black markets in Australia?

There are 2-3 different black markets in Cannabis in Australia. The CBD scammers importing fake CBD products, those importing REAL CBD products illegally, and those selling REAL Cannabis products as CBD (as real Cannabis has CBD in it in low amounts)  

The legal medical Cannabis market in CBD and REAL Cannabis are way over-priced in Australia compared the legal market even overseas. This means legal suppliers in Australia can buy a product in Canada at retail, import it, then double their end cost or more.  Patients can do this illegally and many are. Some are going to Canada (before Covid) buying a legal 3 months supply of real Cannabis products then legally fly back to Australia and it still be 33% cheaper than getting it from your local chemist.

The price of high quality street cannabis / marijuana is $200-300 an oz. per the black market price list in NSW. A legal script costs $500 and legal REAL Cannabis can cost $500-800 an oz.

In 2001 when Canadans sued the government to open up the market, for medical users this was due also the lack of REAL Cannabis choice. That is with 400 different cannabinoids, flavorids, and terpenes, using the same exact combination causes many issues with the same exact products used day in and day out, while the black market if offering anything it is choice.

Those that want RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) / FECO (Full extract cannabis oil) will find I even harder to get in Australia legally than real Cannabis due its potency – Used initially for cancer it uses Cannabis / Marijuana that starts at 10-15% THC and low CBD and once converted to oil can increase to 80% THC and 1% CBD.

To date there has been little to zero evidence that CBD is better than REAL Cannabis for ANY condition.

7. Why does the organised Cannabis black market not support law reform in Australia? – One in NSW alone makes around $6m a year per them so it is bad for business is the easy answer. Many claim that even run politically claim they want to legalise Cannabis but do not support passable law reform (requiring a 51% pass in the upper and lower house in each state) this is why Cannabis law reform keeps failing. Apathy and misdirection from even the black market.

8. Why do those that try CBD and REAL Cannabis for medical conditions believe CBD is a scam?

As mentioned, CBD is one of 400 parts of Cannabis. Due to the marketing by Governments  and pharmaceutical allies (See NZ NO vote 2020) in Australia the research the government uses to advise patients and GPs on Cannabis is funded by anti-Cannabis billionaire hemp grower. Some legal Cannabis suppliers aware of the misinformation are also powerless to say to do anything.

The government website effectively lists real Cannabis products of having no medical use ahead of ANY other product including synthetic Cannabis and CBD. (factually incorrect) –

FACTCHECK: Deferring to the hemp industry itself in 2014 before the USA FDA started closing down and threatening CBD suppliers.

9. Why did the Australia Government change the definition of the word “Cannabis” in 2016? before it legalised Cannabis for medical use?

If a pattern is emerging it is pretty clear the Australian Government is anti-Cannabis To capitalize on the momentum of REAL Cannabis and to appease Australia voters a big trick was made to change the definition of Cannabis in 2015. Meetings took place in 2014 to frame how Cannabis law reform was going to go in 2016. It was scary – It resulted in all states changing the definition of what Cannabis is inline with the request of the new ODC (office of drug control) or orifice of drug chaos as it is often referred to.

10. Globally the medical Cannabis market is 95% Cannabis and 5% CBD – Why is it the opposite in Australia and in 10 USA states?

Real Cannabis was legalised in the USA and Canada from 1996 to 2001 – Medical Cannabis pharma products did not make it to the market til a few years later. Now over 2 decades later the pharmaceutical industry has a working model to stop further Cannabis making to the market legally.

FACT CHECK: For instance in the USA in 10 USA states the only legal Cannabis is medical Cannabis, the only legal medical Cannabis is CBD from hemp and the only legal CBD is the GMO Hemp product called Epidiolex that saw children dying in trials.

11. When and why did the USA Government and Cannabis industry start going after the CBD industry?.

When the USA FDA and USA Cannabis industry began suing the CBD (Cannabidiol) industry in 2014 it was not pretty. But it was straightforward. The CBD Industry (Hemp) was offering claims that CBD was just like Cannabis in all could offer (a lie that continues in 2021) . The legal REAL cannabis / marijuana for medical use industry began in the USA in 1996 – The medical Cannabis industry (that excluded real Cannabis) was not legalised until 5 years later in 2001 – Mostly GMO hemp based, the CBD part of the pharma industry was created to capitalize on the growing support for REAL Cannabis for medical use, but to protect the pharmaceutical industry profits.

FACTCHECK: The FDA shows all the letters sent to the CBD industry since 2015, threatening action if they do not keep saying CBD offers the medical benefits that REAL Cannabis does – The outcome was the Hemp industry in 2014 – issued a letter saying they did not support legalising CBD for medical use and it was not suitable. The Hemp industry soon became part of pharma industry to protect the hemp industry at the time. The WHO, UN and most governments of the world that supported a pharmaceutical industry of any kind risked losing a major part of their industry if not supporting CBD. The worlds largest producer of legal opium, Australia’s Tasmanian Alkaloids jumped in to CBD in 2018.

INTERSTING STATS: Where REAL Cannabis is legal for medical use, 90% use it for pain relief. USA, Canada, Germany, Israel reports all the same 90% use it for pain. Recent stats in Australia from the PHARMACIST GUILD SHOWS also that 90% of ALL OTC (over the counter) and 90% of all scripts (scripts only) are pain related. Likewise, the biggest risk in Australia the worlds LARGEST producer of legal opium is synthetic opioids (like Subsys/Fentanyl) and of course REAL Cannabis. This is the framework for Cannabis law reform in Australia.

12. What About Cannabis law reform in 2021 Australia.

REAL Cannabis though legal to buy with a script still has problems in that it is not actually legal. This is why states like NSW have bills to make REAL Cannabis legal for medical use. Passable in the upper House in NSW – it will not win the lower house without the public wanting it. So far largely due to black market and government misinformation people are not even aware there are bills pending to legalise Cannabis and just needs some public interest, or even funds for a pro Cannabis pro law reform campaign.

For those interested in Cannabis law reform in Australia there are many pro law reform pro law enforcement and pro government websites to get involved.


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