How The UK PM Was Too Bias in Pharma Cannabis, No One Knew, No One Cared. Is The UK Now Paying The Price?

Loren W
10 April 2021
Melbourne Australia, Earth

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Teresa May was UK PM 2016 to 2019. Her husband Phillip May is / was an executive (senior relationships manager) at Capital Investments that are worth over $1T (trillion) in investments, but also 22-25% shareholders in GW Pharma UK, that are the largest suppliers of anti-Cannabis law reform and anti-Cannabis product in the world in 2021 and they just got bought for over $7B.

As I started warning since 2016, if bias is illegal or illegal if it negatively impacts things greatly then it still matters.

What Happened? – Imagine you were CocaCola and had the ONLY legal cola in most of the free world and (in 30 USA states) almost all other cola was illegal in every country. That monopoly is the position GW Pharmaceutical UK has had with “medical Cannabis” vs REAL Cannabis for medical use (>5-10% THC) since 2003, when their product created with R&D from Bayer (now Bayer-Monsanto). GW Pharma UK signed an exclusive deal with Bayer in 2003 (the agreement) Bayer-Monsanto are still the largest distributors in the world.

Bayer-Monsanto is worth over $51B and the Australia distributor for GW Pharma is the $150B Pharma powerhouse Novartis. With anti-Cannabis pharma being distributed by multi billion dollar companies and Cannabis isn’t it give pharma even smaller companies like GW Pharma a huge advantage in this case to industry monopoly in 2016.

Initially started to compete with synthetic THC, Dronabinol the GW Pharma idea per the OG team was if we can get GMO created Cannabis that was higher in THC or any ratio, it could compete. Then laws took a funny turn and GW Pharma went down a different path, introducing the largest selling anti-Cannabis but medical Cannabis isolates product in the world (with THC& CBD) called Sativex.

While Cannabis has 400 cannabinoids Sativex only had 2 CBD and THC, in equal amounts it acts like 25% the amount needed to get high. Why GW Pharma says users are known to over use 400%.

Sold on Australia News TV as methadone for Cannabis addiction, Sativex research funded by GW Pharma (UK) captured the market since 2014 then as the company was in financial troubles they went the other way and created the opposite of the product they started to target. So instead of competing with synthetic THC, they created GMO isolated CBD in a new product called Epidiolex. Now the only legal CBD product in the USA (per the FDA) . Here is an old interview with the OG GMO growers for GW Pharma talking aobut how they were making the GMO weed before it would use its extracts only of THC sand CBD.

The Bias Issues –

A relationship manager with Capital Investors in the UK, how relevant was Phillip May in the big picture and how much did he profit from the relationship.

May was PM from 2016 to 2019. In 2018 the EU including the UK was investigating legalising GW Pharma CBD Epidiolex, via the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

GW Pharmaceuticals plc and its U.S. Subsidiary Greenwich Biosciences Announce FDA Approval of EPIDIOLEX® (cannabidiol) oral solution – the First Plant-derived Cannabinoid Prescription Medicine | GW Pharmaceuticals

The timeline for the cannabis medication’s production and approval raises serious questions about whether the government has been involved in insider dealing, which is illegal in the UK also.

More here from 2018 Theresa May’s Husband Set To Profit From New Cannabis Medicine After Government Relaxes Ban | Researching Reform

Regardless if Phillip May made 1c or $1b on the deal, the company he worked for, are 25% investors, small part of their portfolio, but that is the BS they keep pushing. Yes this is small part of their overall investments that doesn’t change the impact as made 25% of $7B. The support GW Pharma UK got being in the UK and her husband working for the LARGEST share holder cannot be ignored.

The result the UK got screwed on Cannabis law reform and should not be ignored. But we had no such issues in Australia and we are more screwed up on law reform than the UK.

Teresa May was PM of the UK from 2016 to 2019. This was the time GW Pharma UK grew the most and to this day controls the Cannabis market funding countries and governments to try and stop real Cannabis use.

During this time 9 May 2019 – Teresa May addressed medical Cannabis (23) Theresa May addresses medicinal cannabis in the Commons – YouTube – Keeping in mind as she is speaking on making sure medical Cannabis is safe etc, her husband is an Executive at a company that has a 22% investment in a company controls 100% of ALL LEGAL Cannabis in some countries, 60% of Australia and 100% of 30 USA states and is a UK based company.

May Ignores Discussions on Cannabis – Theresa May dismisses calls to legalise cannabis by ex-Tory leader William Hague | The Independent | The Independent

Put the another way – if May had supported Cannabis at that exact time it would have killed her husbands companies investment and they would NOT have made 22-25% of the $7.2B

CBD and Cannabis Markets Growing Rapidly In the European Union: Report – Rolling Stone


Capital Investments runs over $1T in investments what when you own 25% of the shares in an entire business that controls 100% of some market shares, it is not irrelevant and bias matter.

British Sugar, GW Pharma UK, Phillip May, Capital investment.

GW Pharma UK now buys on the open market and this includes 18-hectares of GMO CBD hemp from British Sugar.
The Managing Director of British Sugar is the husband of Drugs Minister Victoria Akins.

This is the bias we know.


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