Why The Best Way To Legalise ‘REAL’ Cannabis In Australia Even For Medical Use In 2022, Is To Not Talk About Legalising ‘REAL’ Cannabis In 2022 until AFTER the election.

Hard to believe in some ways that in 2022 Australia still doesn’t have their act together on legal REAL Cannabis.

The Current Broken Australian Legal Cannabis Model– has so much red tape, stigma, regulations and a cost at 300-500% for medicine over the black market price for the same REAL Cannabis more often lower quality for legal product. GPs are hard to fine, and the red tape can be endless but is improving – As a result, more people are buying illegal the black market REAL Cannabis for medical use, than are buying it legally. That problem is 100% of the Australia Government’s making since 2015. The government actually created new black markets as well as strengthening the old Marijuana black market exponentially.

Simply put, the Government bodies managing legal Cannabis is the TGA and sister company the Office Of Drug Control / Chaos. Their orders are to help supply things “called Cannabis for medical use”, but limit the use of REAL Cannabis for medical use, regardless of it being legal. This is reflected on their mission statements, and the public facing websites for medical staff and would be patients. This was enabled in 2016 when then the TGA working with the states for the Liberal government actually changed the definition of Cannabis and hemp. While “Medical Cannabis” in the USA was Marijuana, in Australia “Medical Cannabis” could be marijuana, hemp, CBD, or synthetics (as not from a plant at all). The government made hemp, CBD, and synthetics available quickly and did everything to prevent any REAL Cannabis entering the market and why only 10% of the legal market is REAL Cannabis.

Medical vs Recreational Cannabis/Marijuana Use – No country or state in the world has legalised REAL Cannabis for recreational use without it being legal medically 1st. To facilitate that transition from medical to recreational the models for medical use in countries like the USA and Canada, meant the framework, monitoring, growing, distribution, testing, and processing (from seed to sale) was done for the medical product then transitioned to the recreational model later.

In Australia, things are different and medical products are remember 90% not REAL Cannabis, so the model was put in place to prevent real cannabis ever being legal – The leader of the Australia TGA/ODC said his fear was legal Cannabis, as it would then involve the federal government more.

The Global Market Outside Australia e.g. the USA – Legalised since 1996, a one off script from your own GP or a special Cannabis GP and you can then walk into any Cannabis/Marijuana Dispensary and alone or with help purchase REAL Cannabis for medical use, with thousands of different strains (all Sativa, Indica, or Mix of both (Hybrid).

Where Does the Cannabis/Marijuana Come From? – initially from the black market, this is why there was no lack of product choice. What about, poisons, mould and fungus etc – All would-be sellers were forced to send their product to specific labs to be tested. Other than all the bad things it would test the terpene profile, and percentage of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. There are over 400 known compounds in Cannabis and 120+ are called cannabinoids and the main ones are THC and CBD. Cannabinoids are compounds at act specifically with the human endo-cannabinoid system in the human body.

Unfortunately those against law reform now include the black market, in line with others;

  1. The Black Market Cannabis, Synthetic & Hemp CBD Black Market – now thrives, is better funded, organised, and now in some cases political. And anti- law reform. Oddly, not supporting law reform also puts them in agreement with the Australian and Global pharmaceutical industry that funds anti-Cannabis law reform directly & by market monopolisation killing the REAL Cannabis industry. This then supports the current, Australian government view that REAL Cannabis is bad for EVERYTHING even for medical use and tries very hard to prevent people to not get it legally. The politically endowed black market believes the world has evolved and wants recreational Cannabis before medical use as it solves that problem anyhow.
  2. Government and Pharmaceutical Industry – The largest supplier of legal opiates in the world is the Australian Tasmanian opioid company Tasmanian Alkaloids that provides around 94% of all legal natural opiates from opium in the world, their biggest market competitors include synthetic opioids like fentanyl, and REAL Cannabis. The pharmaceutical industry is so important in Australia they are greatly embedded in government. To highlight the situation, in 2020 Tasmanian Alkaloids got into the CBD Hemp Pharmaceutical Cannabis Market https://www.examiner.com.au/story/6876093/tasmania-to-produce-9-million-bottles-of-cannabis-oil/


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