REAL Cannabis for Medical Use was made legally accessible in 2016, the former Liberal Government(s) prevented access, with TGA red tape. Those roadblocks are still there in 2022 as the black market thrives to be a billion dollar industry for what is legal medicine.

Legalisation is Harm Reduction

Loren W
August 2022

As folks still focus on legalising REAL Cannabis for recreational use. Canada and the USA taught us a valuable lesson we ignore in Australia. Most of those using REAL Cannabis are doing so for medical use around 50% – 90% of those for pain. Statistics showed when legalised the black market was impacted.

REAL Cannabis (>10% THC) , Big Pharma, hemp (zero THC) and synthetics and GMO CBD, were made legal in 2016 for certain medical conditions, but all redefined as “Cannabis’. Then the Government with the TGA put so much red tape in place, preventing access on many levels to the REAL Cannabis while still legally accessible. In 2022 – an estimated 90% of ALL legal “Cannabis’ for medical use is not even include REAL Cannabis at all. Fixing it is as simple. Here is what Bill SHorten said on the matter in 2010 –

I left a second at the beginning so it is not taken out of context.



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